Late Professor Ojedokun Abel Olasupo Biography by Prince Ayo Oyedokun


Prof. Ojedokun Abel Olasupo was born in 1937 to the family of Ojedokun in Olota's compound, Oluponna. He attended St. Peters Anglican Primary school, Oluponna from 1946-1951. At the end of 1951, he was taken to Ibadan to finish his standard 5 and 6. He was allocated to a civil servant at Mapo and for that reason, he was enrolled at Mapo central school, Ibadan from where he finished his standard 6 as overall best student in 1952.

The young Ojedokun was admitted to Offa Grammar School in 1953. At Offa Grammar School from 1953 -57, Ojedokun always received awards as the best student across subjects.

In 1958, Ojedokun took up teaching job with Iwo Local Education Authority and was living at Amin compound at the time. Subsequently, he went to the Nigeria College of Art/Science and Technology, Ibadan. Also, he finished as the best overall student.

Therefore, he secured admission to the most famous University College Ibadan in 1961. He was among the first 13th set of University College, Ibadan. Ojedokun studied history. He was the favourite student of prof. Aderibigbe and Prof. Ajayi both renowned historians. He graduated as the best student from history department in 1964. He was decorated as federal government schoolar same year. He worked briefly at state civil service.

In 1965, Ojedokun got Commonwealth Sholarship to study in London School of Economics to study international relation. He got married before he travelled to London, and his wife joined him in late 1965 in London.
After his academic pursuit in London, he returned to University of Lagos. His choice was to lecture at the Faculty of Art, University of Lagos. In 1971, the university in response to request from the then head of state, General Yakub Gowon, released Ojedokun to federal government on national assignment to study the operations of Nigeria institute of internal affairs and prepare a blueprint for the institute.
After submitting his reports to General Gowon, he was retained to implement the propose blue print. During this period, Ojedokun spent more time in the western and eastern blocks.

Eventually, the federal government led by General Gowon was so satisfied with his work rate and successful implementation of the blue print and asked him to take over of the institute at Acting Director General capacity. General Gowon fell in love with his job ethics and they became very close. In view of this, the cabinet decided to confirm his appointment as DG Nigeria Institute of Internal Affairs.

In his home town-Oluponna, he was very active and was a foundation member and a driving force for O.D.A (Oluponna Development Association) founded in 1967 and which today remains the umbrella body for socio-cultural development of Oluponna. In 1969-70, Ojedokun was commission to write about settlements in Oluponna, the job he did successfully.

Ojedokun was known to be workaholic and hardly find time to rest, the aspect of his life his wife did not happy about.
Three weeks to his official confirmation as the DG of Nigeria Institute of internal Affairs, the unfortunate happened. Ojedokun got to his office on that fateful day, after he took a cup of coffee in his usual manner to open his day, little did he know that he had taken his last cup!

Ojedokun took ill and returned home. Inspite of all the effort of a team of doctors at Lagos University Teaching Hospital and from Head of state General Gowon team of doctors, Ojedokun was a dead man after 72 hours in the hospital. May God bless the memory of Late Professor Ojedokun Abel Olasupo.



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