'Health they say is wealth', it is with this notion that Iwoland Development Coalition (IDC) set out on a journey for a 'free health outreach program' on Saturday, the 15th of August 2015 at D.C Primary School, Ajangbala Eleha, Iwo for the good people of the area and its environs. In his opening speech at the event, the national coordinator of the Iwoland Development Coalition, Mr Adisa Kabiru Adeniyi told the gathering, which had converged at the venue as early as six o' clock in the morning, the focus of the health outreach which was free health services including medical check, free consultation, free HIV test, free Hepatitis test, Vitamin A and Albendazole for children of 2 months to 5 years.

He added that a man without a cent is not poor but a man without sound health might be living but is dead'. Medically speaking, this is the reason why IDC as an organization deemed it fit to organize the health outreach. He thereafter told the gathering the vision and the mission statement of the organization which he backed up with the achievements the organization has had since its inception. He concluded his speech by recognizing IDC members present at the health outreach, other members in Nigeria and the diaspora as well as the donors.

Speaking further on the focus of the health outreach, the specialist for the day Dr Taiwo Aderemi advised the people to give top priority to personal hygiene, stating ''that majority of the diseases in our body system is as a result of how unhygienic we are'', giving copious example of the surroundings where the health outreach was taking place which was unkempt and untidy. He admonished the women in the gathering that they should be more concerned with their surroundings as a wife and mother and emphasized that they were meant to be washing their children teeth until they are 8years old and afterward they can leave them to do it on their own.

He further made the people to understand the worth of the health outreach stating that if it were to be his own hospital, a patient would buy a card worth N3,000 or more before they could see him or get drugs they will buy or other consultancy fees they will pay and here they are having it all free, courtesy of IDC, the statement nearly turned the place to a prayer mountain, as both men and women offered prayers for IDC members in their different religious beliefs. Also speaking was Sheu Roji, a laboratory scientist from Federal Medical Centre, Owo in Ondo State, who re-echoed what Dr Aderemi had earlier said on personal hygiene. He then advised the people against self-medication, he said 'all drugs are poison' and it's only a professional that can prescribed the right medication for each disease.

He concluded by saying people should make periodical medical check-up their habit and make sure they know their blood group and genotype status. After the short lectures from both speakers, the medical check-up started in earnest and the team was divided into five section namely; *registration Unit *Vitamin A and Abendazole * consultancy unit *laboratory unit and * security and logistics unit.

The registration unit was anchored by Mr Adewuyi Adeleye ably assisted by Mr Niyi Isamotu, Com. Goke Oyeleke and Com Adewale Abiola. The Vitamin A unit was head by Mr Yusuff Mutallub , assisted by Niyi Oguntola and Theophilus Akinlawon. The Consultancy unit was specifically for Dr Taiwo Aderemi but had helping hand from Engineer Adebayo Shu'aib . The laboratory unit was headed by Mr Tijani Adeshina (Head of Hematology Department, LAUTECH Teaching Hospital Osogbo) and was supported by capable hands in person of Sheu Roji and Moses Olayonwa. The pharmacy unit was controlled by the two nurses who came with Dr Taiwo Aderemi and was assisted by the wife of the national cordinator Mrs .Ganiyu Wakilat Aderonke. The security and logistics was head by Mr Oluseye Akanmu, assisted by Mr Olajide Badru and Mr Akanji Adewumi. The monitoring unit was handled by Mr Adisa Kabiru Adeniyi.

The former Assistant Chief of Staff in the state, Honourable Oguntola Mudashiru Toogun and the former special adviser on works in the state Engineer Depo Amudah were also at the outreach to bless the program.
A total number of 232 individuals benefitted from the free medical services in one way or the other. Out of 63 people that were tested for hepatitis, 8 were tested positive, a scenario that needs a swift response from the coalition, putting into consideration how life threatening the disease is.

Before the health outreach came to a close on that day, there were testimonies from the beneficiaries as a woman in her late 30's asserted that she has never conducted a 'BP' test in her life and this will be her first time of doing that courtesy of IDC.

A philosopher Jimmy Dean said, '' I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination''. But with this laudable program IDC has achieved again, I will re-write Jimmy Dean golden words by saying “IDC can’t change the direction of wind in Nigeria because it’s very stormy but IDC can adjust or control the sails to always reach her glorious and desire destination”

Compiled by Mr Niyi Isamotu. Enquiry : + 234 (0)8057783269, 07083230185, 08034978700



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